Soy Ink Printing For More Eco-Friendly Packaging

May 12, 2016
Soy ink printing

Soy ink printingSoy ink was first used in 1979 as an alternative to petroleum-based ink, and as time has passed it has grown to become a popular ink option. Now, it is a much more viable and environmentally friendly ink solution that is used in printing and packaging. Soy ink emits lower VOCs, which are volatile organic compounds that react to sunlight.

Soy ink is manufactured from soybeans, which is one of the most renewable food sources available. It can be farmed without irrigation, and the growth of soybeans reduces the emission of carbon dioxide into its surrounding atmosphere. Using soy ink is a great way for a company to minimize their carbon footprint.

Benefits of Soy Based Ink in Product Packaging

As mentioned, there are several benefits to using soy ink for printing on product packaging. In addition to these benefits, there are three more reasons why soy ink is preferred:

Cost Effective: Cost is always a concern when putting together any packaging. It’s the same for small or large businesses. Soy ink produces a more vibrant and intense colour, which in turn reduces the amount of ink needed to be printed on materials.

Laser-Proof: Soy ink has a lower boiling point than most ink alternatives, so it lessens the chance of ink transferring over to the machine instead of the material during printing. This also means the quality should be higher because soy is resistant to the heat from the laser.

Maintains Stability: Soy ink’s high lithographic stability through printing means less adjustments throughout the entire process. That means fewer copies that have to be tossed due to poor quality, which also has a positive environmental impact.

Soy ink is a great way to maintain your green responsibility with your packaging. Respecting the environment is a must for companies these days and can play a big part in a company’s branding. The culture has shifted to where businesses can no longer ignore their duty to preserve the environment; now they must do their part.

The Unique Group is aware of the current movement towards really caring for the environment. We offer our clients several eco-friendly printing and packaging solutions, many of which can be found by clicking here. Our design team has experience working with many high-profile companies, and we understand what it takes to make sure your brand gets noticed.

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