How Labelling and Packaging Services Help Build a Brand

Marketing has always been at least partly based on the pretext that people are visual consumers. Powerful or interesting images are needed to capture people’s attention. In the culture we live in today, where images are constantly being streamed through various platforms throughout the day, the need for images that stand out has become even more critical.

Product packaging manufacturers are continually looking for ways to create custom product packaging. The Unique Group knows firsthand just how difficult this task can be, and just how competitive it has become for businesses to get noticed. We work with companies that are nationally and internationally known to ensure that their branding remains in line with their corporate image and that they can achieve product differentiation.

Branding on Product Packaging

Branding is your product’s theme; it’s what differentiates you from everyone else. It’s that checkmark or three stripes that immediately help customers identify with your company. Though many people may think of branding as a single occurrence, it actually happens on several levels. From the filters in pictures to the wording used in advertisements, branding is an ongoing story.

In packaging, branding can start with the actual shape and design of the package. It can be a shoebox with an unconventional lid to represent an off-the-beaten path shoe brand or an eco-friendly bag that stands out amongst the regular plastic branded retail bags. Packaging is often tightly intertwined with how a company chooses to represent itself to the public and customers have come to expect this. When something doesn’t seem to fit the story a company is trying to tell, the branding suffers and customers feel distanced.

The importance of having strong branding on your packaging becomes magnified in circumstances in which several options are positioned directly beside each other. Grocery stores are a great example. Your product is placed side by side with its competition. For brands that are still looking to build familiarity with consumers, this can be a difficult task; they must rely on the packaging to make a statement in those situations and influence consumers to pick up and choose their product.

Custom product packaging is our specialty here at The Unique Group. We partner with brands and companies to bring their custom labelling and packaging ideas to life. Our packaging solutions are both beautiful and functional, in addition to being in line with each brand’s image and story.

Learn more about The Unique Group and our philosophy on building brands and designing the best packaging to help your brand stand out by contacting us today.