Woven Labels


Any experienced fashionista will tell you all about the importance of the labels on an article of clothing – there’s nothing like the thrill of finding a great piece from one of your favourite brands! Garment labels are a vital and lasting indicator of your brand’s identity. At Unique, we make the label your customer will never want to cut out.

In addition to your company logo, custom woven labels can communicate important information such as size, fabric and care instructions. And they’re not only for apparel; our woven labels can be used on purses, towels, toys, bedding, quilts, pillows, and promotional items.

At the Unique Group, we can engineer a wide variety of weaves, including taffeta, damask, satin and twill construction. Raw material options include polyester, cotton, metallic and micro-weave yarns. Additional technical offerings include laser cutting, embossing and adhesive applications. Lastly, choose between straight cut, end fold, booklet, offset booklet, mitre fold, Manhattan fold or centre fold labels.

Not sure what you need? Get in touch, and we’ll help you find the best labeling strategy for your products.

Materials for Woven Labels

Satin Woven labels


Damask woven labels


aqua woven labels


Custom Woven Labels – Folding Process

Any of our woven labels can be folded and/or cut in any of these styles. All Unique labels are given 6mm seam allowance an each side. Click HERE to see all the folds Unique has to offer.

end fold clothing labels

End Fold

taffeta woven label

Centre Fold

mitre fold woven labels

Mitre fold

printed labels

Ultrasonic cut






Industries Using Woven Labels