Security Tags

security tags on packagingCustomers need to be confident that they are buying the genuine article. Our brand protection and security labels help our clients reduce the risk of counterfeiting and retail theft.

We have the ability to add security features to our products from a woven label through to swing tickets. Unique can program the security chips based on the needs of the product & the brand.

AM Technology

AM (acousto-magnetic) Technology provides excellent protection from shoplifters and can be used on most products. AM Technology is based on a transmitter-receive system. The transmitter creates a surveillance area where labels & tags are detectable – sending a radio frequency signal in pulses which energizes the label and/or tag in the surveillance zone. If the pulse ends – if the tag leaves the surveillance area – the receiver will detect this and an alarm will sound.

Unique offers security tags with AM Technology in a variety of sizes to meet your brand’s needs.

RF Technology

RF (radio frequency) technology is one of the most widely adopted systems worldwide. RF operating frequencies range from 2MHz to 10MHz, boasting the lowest power consumption & label cost (about 1/3 the price of AM tags). They are the thinnest soft labels as well as the highest efficient hard tags that are immune to magnets.

Unique offers security tags with RF Technology in a variety of sizes to meet your brand’s needs.

RFID Inventory Tracking

RFID (radio frequency identification) Inventory Tracking is a system whereby a series of tags or labels are attached to objects to be identified. The radio transmitters are two-way – interrogators & readers – to send a signal to the tag & read its response. RFID tags can be active, passive or battery-assisted passive (BAP). An active tag has a battery on-board and will periodically transmit its ID signal. A passive tag has no battery, but uses radio energy transmitted by the reader. Passive tags must have an extremely high power level in order to illuminate, but for this reason, it’s also the cheapest RFID tag available. The BAP has a small battery on board and is activated when the presence of an RFID read is detected.

Unique offers all three of these RFID Inventory Tracking systems – in a variety of shapes & sizes to meet your brand’s needs.