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They say good things come in small packages, but at The Unique Group we believe good things come in beautiful packages. The right packaging catches your customer’s eye, communicates important information about your product, and gets them excited to make a purchase. Packaging can be a strong marketing statement when it displays your product at its absolute best.

A custom box is the best option for a stylish product packaging. It creates a great first impression-which we all know can make a huge difference in a crowded marketplace. At The Unique Group, we offer the perfect packaging solutions to boost your product sales. Custom boxes are our specialty, and we offer a wide range of boxes in various shapes, sizes, and raw materials. Our team goes the extra mile to perfect your packaging and exceed your expectations.

We can make your packaging idea a reality by thinking outside the box.

Setup Boxes

Typically made of a heavier type of paper, setup boxes earn their name for being transported already set up. They are commonly used for items of high value or to create the perception of value. The Unique Group offers custom rigid setup boxes for clients who are aiming for a particular look for their product. Chocolate and specialty candies are prominent items often placed inside setup boxes.

Collapsible Boxes

The advantage of collapsible boxes is in its durability, as it is a thicker-style box that can be used multiple times. When they are not being used, collapsible boxes are able to fold and store flat which helps save space. Here at the Unique Group, we provide high-quality collapsible boxes for clients mainly in retail.

Liquor Boxes

A well-designed liquor box could be the difference between a customer buying your brand or walking straight past it in the aisle. Creating a custom liquor box that shows off the quality of your brand, plus gives enough detail for consumers to make an informed decision, is crucial to allowing these consumers to take a risk on your product.

Cosmetic Boxes

These boxes are designed specifically for storing cosmetic items. In nearly all instances, cosmetic box packaging is sized to the item, whether that is lipstick or a bottle of lotion. It therefore becomes the ultimate vehicle for marketing, as the style, shape, and colour of the box must reflect the aesthetic of the item it is carrying. The Unique Group understands the importance of customizing cosmetic boxes so your product stands out in one of the most competitive industries out there.

Underwear Boxes

An underwear box should be as personal as the item it carries. This means that manufacturers must seriously consider the design before it leaves the warehouse. The Unique Group understands this thoroughly and aims to help your business create a design that is both functional and one in which the consumer can take personal pride. We offer a variety of materials for custom underwear boxes, including plastic, kraft paper, and paper.

Food-Grade Boxes

Every interaction with your business is an opportunity for consumers to judge your product. This is especially true when it comes to food packaging. People eat with their eyes as much as they do their mouths, and a custom food-grade box can be a determiner for how people assess the quality of your product. Ensuring that you are providing high-quality food-grade boxes is one of the first steps to allowing consumers to enjoy your food.

Materials for Retail Boxes

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Kraft Paper

Kraft Paper

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Industries Using Custom Retail Boxes

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