Heat Transfers


A heat transfer is a type of labelling commonly referred to as “tag-less.” It offers all the advantages of a more traditional label, with a no-label look. Heat transfers are recyclable, durable, have superior colour quality, and can be applied with perfect accuracy. And our cutting edge technologies allow us to produce a heat transfer that is the envy of our competition!

Heat transfer labels can also be used as clothing tags for baby garments, t-shirts and sportswear. These high quality labels resist fading, and stretch to prevent cracking even after repeated washes and usage. At the Unique Group, we make the process as simple as possible by coordinating with our clients to print and apply the heat transfer labels to your products.

Durable Heat Transfer

The Durable Heat Transfer (DHT) is an ink only product that can be bonded to both cotton and poly blends with no issue. This means the ink bonds directly into the fiber of the fabric with no chance of it peeling or cracking off. Since the ink becomes part of the fabric, there is no hand feel to the transfer.The DHT will be as soft as the fabric.

As the fabric softens during repeated washes, the transfer takes on the same soft character as the material. Think of a pair of denim jeans. We put these same Durable Heat Transfers on the outside of the inside front pockets. The denim and pocketing is rough and stiff until the jeans are processed through enzyme, stone, and chemical finishes that soften
both the denim and pocketing material. The DHT labels become as soft as the jeans without losing any of the text or
design elements.

DHT labels can have extremely fine detail. The only real restriction is the character of the fabric, if your material is smooth the lines can be very fine and intricate. However, if your material is rough and textured, you would have to use a more block letter font and bolder lines.

This type of heat transfer label is made in a reel to reel format and is the most efficient for large orders. The Unique Group is capable of multiple labels. Let us know if you would like to setup an appointment to see these Durable Heat Transfer labels or to have your own samples made.


Types of Heat Transfer Labelling

regular heat transfer labels


reflective heat transfer labels


silicone heat transfer labels