Promoting Brand Loyalty With Accessible Design

Imagine walking into a store where all the things you needed were on the top shelf–only reachable by using a ladder. Would you return to that venue if you knew there was a similar store nearby that was more accessible? Likely not. Similarly, consumers with accessibility needs will likely opt for products that are the most accessible. By creating inclusive designs, you can expand your market reach and promote equality. What is accessible design? Accessible design (also referred to as inclusive Read more […]

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Smart Packaging : From QR codes to invisible watermarks

According to recent studies, 90% of American consumers want faster checkouts, and globally consumers expect more rapid check out systems. Select retailers have rolled out self-checkout kiosks and express lines but at the root of the problem is the amount of time it takes to scan an item. In order to fix this issue, top companies are replacing QR codes with invisible watermarks. What are QR codes? Before barcodes, cashiers had to enter the prices of items into the register manually — this process Read more […]

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Typography for packaging: trends and tips

Top brands have typography that is as recognizable and iconic as their logo—such as Coca Cola’s red cursive, Disney’s whimsical cursive font and CNN’s red and white upper case block lettering. Conventional wisdom says that a picture is worth a thousand word, but using the right design for your words makes your words worth gold. Read more on how eye-catching typography can enhance your brand. Why does typography matter? So what exactly is typography? According to the packaging design Read more […]

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Why Personalized Packaging Pays Off

Imagine receiving a package wrapped in silver tissue paper with a letter addressed to you from the company’s CEO on gold trimmed card stock. Now contrast that with getting a brown box with the items carelessly thrown into a bland box. Which company would you recommend to your friends and family? Without hesitation, most people would choose the first package: an experience that is memorable, luxurious and personalized. That’s why top companies are investing in customized packaging. Subscription Read more […]

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4 Reasons Why Now is the Time to Create Interactive Packaging

From scannable labels that unlock exclusive promotions to paper boxes that turn into hangers for your new shirts, interactive packaging is capturing the attention of consumers. According to the 2017 Global Packaging Trends Report from renowned market research firm Mintel, one of the major emerging trends in packaging is packaging that is smart and interactive. Currently, 3.4 billion consumers own smartphones, and that number is slated to double by 2021. Not taking advantage of smartphone-friendly Read more […]

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Do you care? Climate change & Eco-friendly Packaging

Climate change has been a hot topic in the headlines and consumers are taking note. As the effects of climate change become more obvious, consumers of all demographics are thinking about how they can do their part by buying products that are environmentally-friendly. Globally, one of the major trends in packaging is a shift towards eco-friendly packaging according to a recent report by the Global Packaging Institute. That’s why top companies such as Adidas are using eco-friendly and re-sealable Read more […]

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The Challenges of e-commerce Packaging

Your store is no longer the only portal for your customers to purchase your products. In fact, many of your consumers may never even step inside your shop. Each day more consumers are opting to shop with their smartphones rather than hop in their cars. Since the storefronts for your products are shifting online, it is important that your packaging reflects this shift. Creating a memorable packaging experience for online purchases is essential for brand loyalty. Since your customers are not in your Read more […]

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Packaging and Branding: Major Success Factors for the Lingerie Industry

While branding is important to all businesses, it is especially important in the underwear world. Since the lingerie world is so competitive, the most coveted brands like Betsey Johnson, Wilfred and Victoria’s Secret connect with the women who wear their lingerie by creating pieces that convey the company’s unique tone. According to the leading global market research firm IBISWorld the key success factors for a business in the lingerie industry are: Proximity to key markets Establishment Read more […]

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Colour Psychology: How to Choose the Right Colours for Your Packaging

When you picture the world’s most iconic brands, immediately their colours come to mind. Think of Coke’s bright red coke bottles, McDonald’s yellow arches, and Victoria’s Secrets pink bags. Choosing the right colours for your packaging helps your products stand out on the shelf and makes your product memorable. When picking a new colour for your packaging . Here’s an overview of the major factors to consider: Target audience: Every marketing decision should be made with your target Read more […]

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Packaging Trends for Male Underwear

More men are buying underwear for themselves than in the past. “Despite industry statistics that say women buy the lion’s share of men’s underwear, 77 percent of those polled say they purchase their own,” says a survey by Tommy John. Due to this shift, it is important to acknowledge the male demographic when devising a marketing plan. This includes creating innovative products designed to draw the attention of male and female shoppers alike. Brands are gearing up with premium feel packaging Read more […]

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