History of evolution

Our Story

From labels to packaging, the Unique Group is your global brand packaging solution. We partner with your company to bring every element of your branding strategy to life – from labels to packaging and beyond. Our extensive basket of products enables us to meet all your brand’s needs, small or large; by turning to our convenient one-stop shop, you save time, effort and money.

As our name suggests, we partner with our clients to create products you can’t find anywhere else. Or goal is to make your products memorable by showcasing your brand and ensuring that our products add value and appeal for your customers.

To make that happen, we brought the refinement and versatility of advanced European technology to North American markets via factories and facilities in Asia. This allows us to provide stylish, high-quality and truly unique products in a timely and cost-effective way. And don’t worry – we handle all the logistics!

Today, we are a full-service provider. Our portfolio of products has grown to include the finest quality boxes and polybags, woven labels, hangtags, metal findings, ribbons and bows, stretch technology, heat transfers, variable data tickets, patches, zipper pulls and brand protection and security technologies. Our international presence, attention to detail and continued emphasis on research and development make us a leader in the field.

With decades of experience in marketing and production, our global team has the depth of knowledge, versatility, and problem-solving ability you can trust to get the job done.

Adrian Lichtman, President/CEO

Unique Group President & CEO Adrian Lichtman has a long history of innovation in the labelling and packaging industries. He began his career working with a major retailer based in South Africa, and noticed huge demand for fabric and labelling products. He also saw brands asking for a large basket of products to choose from, and a one-stop shopping experience.

Through decades of experience, he participated in a major transformation in the way retailers thought about labelling products, elevating their purpose from the simple communication of practical information, to an aesthetic art form that establishes brand identity and adds value to the garment. These pieces of the puzzle add up to a distinct brand identity that sets your product apart in the marketplace. The Unique Group’s legacy is built on this foundation of uniqueness and product differentiation.

In order to make this dream a reality for his clients, Adrian needed to bring the refinement and flexibility of advanced European technology to the North American market. He decided to find a more convenient and cost-effective option for North American retailers who were forced to travel to France, Italy, Germany or the United Kingdom to find product that was special enough to set them apart. For this reason, he established protected European technology in Chinese factories, thereby bringing European technology to North America via China.

At the Unique Group, we always think outside the box and consider product value, not just volume. This approach has its challenges, but our clients appreciate the results – uncompromising quality and style that customers see, feel and remember.

Asher Lichtman, Vice President Sales & Marketing

Growing up, Asher Lichtman had always been interested in his father’s industry. After graduating from the University of Western Ontario in 1998, he decided to join in, bringing with him fresh energy and a new perspective. Asher’s modern approach, combined with his father’s decades of experience and established technology, has opened up exciting opportunities for growth.

At The Unique Group, he thrives on creating an element of difference for his customers by pushing the creative limits. He’s always on the lookout for new developments and constantly on top of industry trends by attending international trade shows, and keeping an eye out for relevant content via social media and his go-to apps including Flipboard, Mashable, and Springwise. It is this youthful, proactive approach that has allowed him to begin and steadily grow relationships with major international brands.

Asher doesn’t consider himself a salesperson – his goal isn’t just to secure a contract; it’s to build long-term, sustainable partnerships with brands. Asher’s enthusiasm for his work is contagious, and he loves to chat about new products, ideas and opportunities.

Moving forward, Asher would love to see The Unique Group continue to explore, re-invent itself, and pioneer game-changing technologies. In particular, he would love to expand from his established presence in the apparel industry into new areas such as cosmetics and consumer packaged goods. Connect with Asher on LinkedIn. He’s always up for a chat over the phone or coffee meeting.